MTB Skills Courses

Purple Bike Shed has a sister company – Mountain Bike Tuition – all MTB Skills Sessions and courses are organised through them.

MTB Skills Courses

Mountain Bike Tuition – Skills and coaching

Details of the courses available:-


Mountain Bike Courses

All these Mountain Bike Courses are run at Swinley Forest, on Crown Estate land. Swinley Forest are renowned for their great mountain biking trails. With small groups of riders (max 4 riders to every instructor) and our extensive local knowledge we can get right out onto the best sections of mountain biking trails to use for coaching and developing your riding skills. By working on sections of mountain biking trails with expert observation, feedback and review you will get a real understanding of the necessary biking skills, how to apply them and how to push your mountain biking to the next level. (Full video replay is available on our private courses. Please ask for details).

Click on a Mountain Bike Courses title for a more detailed syllabus…

  • FOREST RIDER – Beginner Level
    Are you new to the sport of mountain biking, or you only ride on the forest fire roads? This course is designed to introduce you to all the right basic skills required for mountain biking. Its aim is to build your confidence for off road riding.You want to discover more but aren’t sure how then the Forest Rider half day Mountain Bike Courses is for you.
  • TRAIL RIDER- Intermediate Level
    Have you already ventured out onto the smaller single tracks, bumped slowly over obstacles, or been riding a mountain bike for a while and don’t feel that you are improving? Then the Trail Rider full day Mountain Bike Courses is the one for you.
    Do you find that you are always pedalling when your friends appear to be gliding down the single track trails or do you always have to work hard to catch your mates after each corner? Do you want to flow and gain speed? Then the Singletrack Rider full day is the MTB Skills Courses for you.
  • Jumps and Drops Course 

Always worried when the wheels leave the ground – want to have more confidence and commitment to tackle that jump or drop – then this course is for you – Coached by Tom Dowie Professional Mountain Biker, National 4X and BMX champ. Then this Jumps and Drops MTB Skills Course is the course for you

  • NIGHT RIDER COURSE – Intermediate Level
    Ever wanted to go riding through the forest at night, but you’ve not got the necessary lights? Considering investing in lights, but don’t want to make that initial investment, just in case? Try our new Night Rider Course where we supply the lights and the know how on mountain biking in the dark.
    are now available for all our courses, you can select from:a) Gift Voucher for a full days tuition on either the Speed Master Course, Singletrack Rider Course, or Trail Rider Course
    b) Gift Voucher for our half day courses, either the Forest Rider Course, Ladies Beginners Course or the Drops & Bombs Course
    c) Gift Voucher for a private 1:1 session for 2.5 hours Full details here
    Interested in having your own mountain biking skills event for the day? Please contact us for the coaching packages and options available. We can tailor the day to suit your requirements.



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