Deep Clean your Drivetrain

New service offering – deep clean of your drivetrain £30 or 4 cleans for the price of 3.


A clean drivetrain lasts longer, runs quieter and has better shifting.  (oh and it looks good!)

Here in the workshop we now have a Rozone Deep Cleaning Parts Washer, so can offer a deep clean service.

Rozone PArts Cleaner

Deep Clean Parts Washer

Cassette before deep clean

Before cleaning

We’ll remove the casssette, derailleurs, chain (if you’ve a power link) and cranks, then give them a deep clean, refit to the bike and lube up the chain and pivot points. Then set-up the gears.

After Cleaning

After Cleaning

Cassette after deep clean

Cassette after deep clean







We’ll give the rest of the bike a wash over while we’re at it.  So you’ll have a sparkling drivetrain to use.








January 2017 Special Offer 4 cleans for price of 3  – £90

Offer of 4 cleans for the price of 3 – Valid for 12 months.

Only limited number will be issued. So book in quick.

Note: Delivery & collect charge still apply. Additional labour / parts may be payable. (such as gear cables etc.)


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