Online Bookings

On-Line Booking System for mobile Bike/Cycle repairs at home or  work.

Sorry – I am currently not taking bookings. We are shielding a family member who is staying with us during the pandemic. As and when they can return home safely, I will restart bookings.  

Please click on the date you require

Then click on your required start time.

Complete the booking details – please select from the drop down  “Services” box which area you require the work carried out (price band).

When you click on continue – you will be forwarded to PayPal to complete the booking process.

You should receive a confirmation email on completion of the process ~ note that some spam filters block auto-generated emails – so you may need to check if you do not receive confirmation.

NOTE: If the booking is within the next 48 hours – please ring me to confirm the date and time, as my schedule does change day by day.

Multiple bikes or Mixture of On-Site and Off Site work required.

Book an on-site vist, please select the number of bikes that require on site work from the drop down list.

I normally work on about 30-45 mins per bike,

If you have bikes that also need off site work – let me know in the comments so I can ensure I have space in the van to transport them back.

Click Here to schedule on-site service work  

Bike that requires up-grading or full overhaul

Book a collection slot, please let me know what up-grades you require in the comments box.

Bike that has got something broken / seized and needs repairing

email me a picture of what has broken, include the make and model of the bike, I’ll confirm if I have the parts in stock, or whether I need to order the parts for you.


Bike that has been stored in the shed / garage for a while and trying to get back using it?

How rusty is the chain and wheels?

As long as they are ok, then the rest of the bike may be recoverable.  Book an On Site visit.

I would normally replace both brake and gear cables, and fit new inner tubes and new brake blocks.  It would take between 30-45 per bike. Brake cable set is £10, Gear cable set is £15, inner tubes are start at £6, brake blocks are £7.50

Click here to schedule an On Site Booking.

If the chain and / or wheel spokes are rusty, then the bike way well be beyond economic repair.  You can still scheule a booking, I will assess the bike on arrival, if foundto be in this state, and you don’t want to proceed, I’ll refund the 30min booking fee excluding my normal “Collection” fee for your area.

Bike that is used regularly that needs tweaking / adjusting

Book an On Site visit, normally completed with 30mins.  If it requires new gear cables, this should be completed within the 30min time slot as well – unless the cables are routed inside the frame.  If this is the case, I may well take the bike away to complete back in the workshop.

Click Here to got to the On-Line Calendar

Bike that requires any of the following – annual service, drivetrain deep clean, hydraulic brakes bleeding, forks or shock service.

Book a collection slot, in the comments box, please let me know of any issues you are currently having, or what service work you require in the coments box

Email Me at

Telephone : 07747 096595