Online Bookings

On-Line Booking System for mobile Bike/Cycle repairs at home or  work.

You can either schedule on-site repair work or for the bike to be taken away and worked on at our workshop. 

Please click on the arrow below to select the option that best matches your requirements. 

Puncture repair and a squirt of oil on the cables


This will be done on site,however, I do not believe a squirt of oil will recover gear or brake cables.  If a cable is over a year old, or has been stored outside, the cables will have started to rust.  As such, it is better in the long term, to relace them as part of the work.

You have a number of bikes that need attention and not sure whether you want on site visit or workshop repair

Book an onsite visit, those bikes that I can repair onsite I will do so, I will agree a plan for the bikes that need taking away.

Your bike needs any one of these :- annual service, drivetrain upgrade, hydraulic brakes bleeding, suspension work or pivot bearings.


This needs to be booked in for collection,

Note if you require the forks or shocks sending off to the suppliers for their annual service, let me know make and model, (and serial numbers if poss) also let me know if they are under 2 years old, so that any warranty issues can be resolved.

Issues with the gears, chain is jumping or slipping but only when under load

This is normally caused by one of three things,

  1. The gears are out of adjustment, either with cable tension, alignment of the mech or poor cables – in which case can be fixed on site.
  2. The chain has worn so badly that is jumping off the teeth of the cassette when you apply pressure, some gears will be fine, others will jump all the time – in this case, you are looking at new chain, cassette, jockey wheel and potentially chainrings at the front.  – In this instance I would need to take the bike away for repair
  3. The chain and cassette are not worn, and the gears are adjusted correctly, however, things are still jumping, or even the pedals are rotating totally but the power is not getting to the wheel – in this instance the Freehub has failed (or is starting to fail). The rear wheel needs to be stripped down and the freehub replaced or overhauled.  This will only be done in the workshop – so you need to book a collection.

You use the bike on a regular basis, and the gears or brakes or something is not quite right

Please book an on site appointment.  The bike may just need tweaking and adjusting.  Or the cables may need replacing.  This can all be done on site – unless the cables are routed internally in the frame.

Internally routed cables need to be replaced back in the workshop.

Bike has been stored in the garage or shed for last few months / years, and you want to start using it again

Please book an On-Site appointment,  for this sort of bike, I would normally recommend replacing the gear cables (£20 set), brake cables (£15 set), brake blocks (£7.50) and inner tubes £6 each).  The time taken would be approx. 30-45mins.

If you chain is badly rusted, or the wheels have rusted or broken spokes, the bike may not be economic to repair.

I do not believe in just oiling cables to make them better – as you will be calling me in a week or so because the gears or brakes are not working again. The rubber in the brake blocks and innertubes perishes over time, hence replacing these.