Privacy Policy and GDPR

Privacy Policy for Purple Bike Shed

Whenever you submit your personal details to Purple Bike Shed (via the mailing list or by completing an works request form) they will be stored electronically. None of your data will be released to third parties.

We use 2 platforms, MailChimp and Intuit QuickBooks both of which comply with GDPR Policies.  If you do not wish for your details to be stored on either of these platforms, let me know I will have your information deleted.

E-mail addresses will only be used by Purple Bike Shed to contact you about forthcoming events and related news if you subscribe to our news letter servie through MailChimp. 

Should you no longer wish to receive e-mail notifications or you have a more up-to-date e-mail address, please tell us at and we will make the necessary changes.