Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Dr Bike Bookings

Tuesday 4th May 2021 

Purple Bike Shed will be on site from 09:00 till 16:00 at the Royal Berks NHS Trust. 

Book your bike in for a DR Bike safety check-up on-line.

We will be working opposite the Electric Pool Cars.

We’ll check over your bike and where time allows, make any necessary adjustments or corrections.  Some basic servicing work should be possible during the 30min slot. A detailed report of the work completed will be left on the bike.

Labour has been funded by the Royal Berks NHS Foundation Trust. All parts are extra. A current price list will be displayed. 

Please provide as much information about the service work you require in order that we can have correct spares available.

Payment for parts will be via On-line transfer, full details at the bottom of the Bike Report.

If your bike needs additional work, or you would like a full strip down service, please contact us, so we can arrange a suitable time to complete the work for you.


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